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Don't get rid of your comfortable furniture because it has a small, or big, stain. Hire our licensed experts to target the stain with the best products on the market including Scotchgard. You'll forget it was ever there thanks to our flawless results.

With our extensive training and years of experience, you'll praise our top-notch cleaning services just as others have throughout Los Angeles.

You'll have peace of mind knowing your fine fabrics are in good hands with our trained specialists.

Transform your old and smelly chair

into your favorite piece of furniture

• Area rugs

• Leather furniture

• Headboards

• And more!

Say goodbye to unpleasant pet stains thanks to our advanced products. Let our fully-trained specialists treat and de-flea your furniture. Your furry friends will thank you.

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From worn out to brand new

A reputation for excellence

Freshen up every item

A clean environment for you and your pets

Clean furniture